Political Polarization Test - What Is Your Ideology?

Political Polarization Test - What Is Your Ideology?
Three main ideologies affect a person's attitudes toward political, religious, and socioeconomic events. Those ideologies are conservatism, centrism, and liberalism. Take this quiz to find out which system of views you're gravitating towards!

Do you think that education must be free and available to everybody?

Yes, higher education included

Only middle school education

No, education must be only available to the high society

Do you think that the rich must pay more taxes than the poor?

Yes. The more you earn, the more you give away.

No, everybody must pay equal amounts of taxes. Taxes must be increased to fund social needs.

No, everybody must pay equal amounts of taxes. A person, not a state must decide how to spend the tax money.

Do you think the state should increase the funding of culture (museums, exhibitions, art schools, etc.)?

Yes, culture is very important.

Only if more important areas receive enough funding

No, the state must only fund the areas that really matter

Does the freedom of speech need to be restricted?

No. Everybody must have the right to express their opinion.

Those promoting radical ideas must be punished.

To ensure safety, the state must control what's written in press and expressed in public

What's your opinion on migrants?

Governments of other countries should help migrants in all possible ways.

While immigration should be legally regulated, migrant must have the right to live and work in the country of their choice.

Migration should be allowed only for high-profile specialists

Does the state need to have access to the personal data of its citizens in order to ensure safety?


Only if the state suspects a person of doing something wrong


Can the church interfere with the issues of the state?

No, the church has nothing to do with politics

Sometimes it's wise to listen to the opinion of the church

Yes, politics should rely on religious values

Medicine should be free and available to everybody?

All types of medical treatment should be covered by insurance

People should be able to choose between free and paid medical services

No, medical services should be fee-based.

Should abortions be legal?

Yes. Any woman should be able to have an abortion if she wants to

Only if pregancy and child birth may be potentially dangerous for a woman's health

Absolutely no

What should the state policy be on same-gender marriages?

Such marriages should be legalized. Love is love.

Such marriages should not be legalized but gay people shouldn't be persecuted

Such marriages should be banned. Gay people must be persecuted.

Should the state protect domestic manufacturers?

Yes, domestic manufacturers should be given an edge, especially when international competition is so tough

Yes, but only if domestic products are of high quality

No, all market participants should work in equal conditions

You're a liberal

You're into liberalism. The name "liberalism" originates from the word "liberalis" which means "free."  The liberals stand for reforms and changes. Instead of living in the past, they value the present moment above all else. The main principles of liberalism are freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and the like.  Show this test to your friends to find out whether or not you share the same beliefs! 

You're a centrist

Both liberal and conservative views are equally close to your heart. While you're not too attached to the past, you can't renounce the traditions. Plus, you're not a supporter of drastic socioeconomic and political reforms. Sometimes, you're a bold innovator. Sometimes, you'd like to see things unchanging. Anyway, you understand the necessity of reaching a compromise between the two opposites. Show this test to your friends to find out whether you share the same beliefs! 

You're a conservative

You're an advocate of conservatism.  The name :"conservatism" originates from the word "conservare" which means "to save, to protect." Conservatism relies on past experiences and traditions. Conservatists believe that we need to learn from our predecessors. They don't see any use in reforming the established processes and institutes. Show this test to your friends to find out whether or not you share the same beliefs