Boost Your Niche Site with Engaging Content

Personality Quiz

The user chooses one of several answers. The result of the quiz is the result that most closely matches the selected answers.

Trivia Quiz

The user chooses one of several answers. Only one or few (multiple choice) of the suggested answers are correct. The result of the test corresponds to the number of correct answers.

True or False Quiz

In this type of quiz, the creator uses beautifully animated cards for the questions. The user can choose one of the two answers (true or false), and the card will flip to reveal the correct answer.

Guess a word

Within a specified number of attempts, the user must guess the word conceived by the author. The goal is to solve the riddle using the smallest possible number of hints and attempts.


Classic voting with extensive use of media files and beautiful animation templates.

Multi-scenario Quiz

This type of quiz is similar to the personality quiz. The difference is that the quiz creator can create a chain of questions and answers, where each new question will depend on the user’s previous answer.

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