How to Make a Great True/False Quiz
on our Free Quiz Maker?

Anton Tokarev

The true or false quiz is one of my favorite formats on Quizterra. In this article, I will answer the following commonly asked questions:

  • What is a true or false quiz (with an example)?
  • Where and how can I use true or false quizzes on my niche websites?
  • How can I create a great true or false quiz on Quizterra?

What is a true or false quiz?

Generally, a true or false quiz is a type of quiz where a user has to agree or disagree on the fact or statement that you provide. Most of the true or false quizzes that I’ve seen consist of facts, so the user has to determine if these facts are true or false.

Here are some examples of titles you can use as templates:

  • How Well Do You Know Linux OS?
  • Which of These Facts About Michael Jackson Are True?
  • The Ultimate True or False Quiz: Scientific Fact or Fiction?

And here is an example of such a quiz. You can take the quiz right on this page, then scroll down, where I’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how I created it using the quiz maker.

As you can see, this is a special type of quiz that was created especially for true or false questions. The questions are displayed on the flip cards, so when a user clicks the button, the card flips, and the user can see the commentary on the question. When the questions end, the user sees their personalized results page with a calculation of their score.

Flip card is an amazing mobile format. In the quiz builder, you have lots of options to customize the design. You can even change the words “True” and “False” for the answers to something else. For example: “Truth” and “Lies” instead of “True” and “False”.

As you can see, this is a special type of quizzes, created especially for True/False questions. Questions are displayed on the flip cards. When user clicks the button, the card flips, and the user can see the commentary to the question. When questions end, user sees the personalized result page with a calculation of the correct answers.

Also, you can put the same content into the Personality Quiz Builder.

I recommend that you also study this type of quiz, as we have eight different types of answers that you can use. To create a true or false quiz in the Personality Quiz Builder, you can use:

  • Text answers (simply choose this type and use the words “True” and “False”).
  • Images (make some nice images with the words “True” and “False” on a colored background, then upload them to the answers).
  • Yes/No (Just change the text).

This is how it looks. I’ve made a quiz with three questions to show you all three options.

So, if you like the idea of animated flip cards, use the True/False quiz maker. If you prefer the more “standard” appearance, choose the Personality quiz maker.

Where and how can I use the true or false quiz on my niche websites?

If you have a niche website or a blog, you have dozens of ways to include the true or false quiz into your content. Let me share three main reasons I make this type of quiz.

1. Increase the page dwell time of my articles.

If I make an article about “How to set up Google Analytics” or “How to record a video for YouTube”, I can finish it with a great true or false quiz that will check how attentive people were while reading. If the user gives a wrong answer to one of the quiz questions, I can provide a link to the part of the article where this topic was explained in the commentary. Check out the example below.

2. Create a separate content unit and promote it.

Quizzes are one of the most shareable types of content, so if you make a good one and promote it, you’ll have a guaranteed boost in social signals (likes/shares/pins) and backlinks from other sites. So, since I’m gathering an email list, pushing notifications to my audience and gaining Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest followers for each of my niche sites, from time to time, I will get them to return to the site with a cool quiz.

The best strategy here is to pick a trendy topic. This is exactly what we are trying to do on Quizterra. We check Google Trends and search for topics of current interest.

Here are some examples:

  • Zone 51;
  • FaceApp;
  • FIFA World Cup.

One of the most successful quizzes of this year was about the FaceApp, where we asked users to guess the celebrity by the photo generated in the app. The topic was really trendy, and even though we were a bit late, the quiz got a crazy amount of shares and brought a lot of cheap traffic to the website.

Try the same on your site!

3. Increase pages/session metrics.

Just as with trivia quizzes, the main idea of a true or false quiz is to check the user’s knowledge of a topic. If the user fails to give correct answers to all the questions, you can direct them to read another article on your site to learn more or offer them the opportunity to buy a course. Quizzes are a great marketing tool and a lot of companies use them as a landing page. The owner of a niche website or a blog can do the same, using a quiz as an engagement tool to reveal the user’s lack of knowledge on the topic and then offer them a solution.

Try to promote another article on your site by adding buttons or links to the results page of your quiz.

Now it’s time to create our quiz, step by step. Click the button and let’s do the quiz together!

Make a True/False Quiz

How can I create a great true or false quiz on Quizterra?

Now let me show how to make a great true or false quiz in the quiz builder. Let me remind you which quiz are we doing:

1. Log into the personal area and find the true or false quiz. Click the “Create” button to get started.

Now we must complete six simple steps to create our masterpiece. First, let’s complete the Introduction step. Later, we will be able to remove the preview window and the quiz will start from the first question.

2. I have filled in the quiz title, description and uploaded a GIF from It should look great!

Let me give you a quick tutorial on how to take a GIF from Giphy:

  • Find the right GIF by using a keyword relevant to what you want to find.
  • Open it.
  • Click “Media”.
  • Take one of the links and put it in the upload window of the quiz builder.

Remember that it should have the “.gif” extension at the end of it.

3. The next step is “Questions and Answers”. This is where we write down all the questions that our users will need to answer. Remember how the questions looked in the quiz above. After the user clicks the button, the card flips and shows the comment.

So, this is how I set up a question:

I wrote a question, then chose the “True” answer as correct and wrote a small explanation of the correct answer.

To make my quiz look truly awesome, I added images or GIFs to all of the questions and explanations.

4. In the “Results” step, we do the exact same thing as we did with the other types of quizzes. To make the result more personal, we can choose the number of correct answers required to see a specific result.

For example, the first result will be shown to users who score 0 to 3 correct answers.

Fill in the title and description, then add an image or GIF to each result.

5. If you have a premium account on Quizterra, I strongly recommend adding a button to each result. If you do not have anything to promote (like a course from ClickBank, Amazon goods or your own product), simply add a link to a different article on your site.

Button and lead form are great marketing tools to bring traffic to a specific page of your site, sell a digital product or collect audience information.

6. In Step 4, you can choose a design template that fits your website. We constantly work on new design templates and strive to make the most functional online quiz maker on the market. Preview your quiz in every design and choose the template that you like the most!

7. Finally, we’ve reached the Publication step.

If you don’t want your quiz to be published on Quizterra, switch off the first toggle.

To receive the embed code to put the quiz on your site, simply click on “Get embed code”.

You’ll see the code below, but before using it, take a look at the other options that we have.

  • Display Intro. You can start the quiz from the Introduction window (step 1) or straight from the first question. You can try both variants on your site and choose which one is best for your users.
  • Display social links. Social links are shown in the Introduction and Results steps. You can switch off our buttons and use your own.
  • Author, date and view count. Remove this if you don’t want this information to be shown.
  • Remove branding. If you have a premium account, the quiz will be shown on your site without any links to Quizterra.
  • Protect from copying. This is another amazing feature that is available for premium users. You probably know that almost all web content is getting stolen. Doorways and satellite sites will just steal your articles and use them without any references. But, if you attach the quiz you created on Quizterra to your domains, it will not be displayed on any other site that takes your source code.

Edit Your Quiz Anytime

If you wish to edit something, change your design template, or add/remove questions, you can do this at any time. Just go back to your personal area and click on the wheel. You can navigate to any step and all changes are saved instantly.

I hope this tutorial helps you to make a great true or false quizzes. If you have any questions or suggestions for new cool features in the quiz builder, leave a comment below.

Also, if you like the idea of interactive content and you are striving to boost traffic to your niche or blog site, subscribe to my YouTube channel and join the community on Facebook!