The Legend of the Water Lily

The Legend of the Water Lily

The name of the goddess is Iara.

The name of the goddess is Jaci.



Jaci transforms the girls into stars.

When Jaci goes away, she takes the girls of her choice to tranfrom them into stars.

After the tribe elders tell Naiá that she would become a star, she doesn't want to meet Jaci anymore.

After the tribe elders explain to Naiá what would happen if she met Jaci, she still wants to find her.

Naiá looks for Jaci for many nights and doesn't get sick.

After looking for Jaci for many nights, Naiá gets sick because she doesn't drink water or eats anything.

After seeing Jaci's reflection in the lake, Naiá falls in it.

Naiá is so tired of looking for Jaci, that when she sees her reflection in the lake, she falls in the water.

Naiá becomes a star just like the other girls.

Jaci transforms Naiá into a different and unique star, the Water Lily.

The flowers from the Water Lily, become red with the light of the sun.

The flowers from the Water Lily, become pink with the light of the sun.

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